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TARJAMAT Translators • Copywriters • Editors was brought to life out of the belief that translation is a communication art; a bridge that links different cultures to one another. Driven by passion for our work, we embrace challenge and turn it into a goal. We do not see work as a mission to accomplish, but rather a path that leads to continuous growth, learning and achievement. We try to stay motivated regardless of the pressures and the difficulty of the job handled.

At TARJAMAT, we do work by the book, following the basics of faithfully conveying a text from one language to another; yet, every Translation is a journey, a story, a new adventure in quest of the text’s spirit, its characteristics and character. Once we reach the source, we craft it into a well polished model, all while maintaining the original features.

Alongside of translation, we provide Language Solutions and Editorial Services based on highly treasured values and skills: professionalism, a thorough grasp of the topic in question, credibility, and above all dedication and responsibility.
Timely turnaround is sacred to us, and so is being honest towards our partner clients.
Our team of seasoned translators, editors and copywriters, has been on the market for over two decades now. They tirelessly bring forth their expertise into every single job, and every job is passionately approached as if it were their first assignment.

Rana El Saïfy