Two decades of experience and counting.

Subject-specific skills.

Passion for languages and cultures.



Conveying the meaning of a written source text into a target one.


Creating brand names and/or writing promotional and advertising copies for ATL and BTL marketing.


Revising a written content to correct any spelling, grammar and/or terminology mistakes.


“I have been working closely with Rana for many years. I completely trust her work knowing that I will get an accurate and eloquent translation that doesn’t require linguistic editing. She has an impressive knowledge of the language. She shows a meticulous attention to detail and delivers her work in a neat, clear way, on time, and to the required quality.”

Samira Darwish – Production Manager – Tahseen Khayat Group

“Rana’s translation is not only a correct, accurate, and smooth linguistic rendering, but also, and above all, a rewriting of the source text in another language, as if it was actually written by the author in the target language. She, therefore, has rendered the most beautiful translations for an elite of world-known writers under different topics.”

Dr. Rida Ismail – Director General – GEOprojects

“I have been working with Rana El Saïfy for over 10 years now, during which she personally translated 9 books by Paulo Coelho and has become an expert in the genre. Every time Coelho writes a new book, I do not think twice before offering the translation to her.”

Azza Tawil – Former Publishing Director – All Prints Distributors & Publishers

“Rana is a great project manager and a talented translator with the ability to adapt language to context and culture and bring the subject-matter to life.”

Tanja Radivoevska – Sr. Portfolio Manager (publishing)

“Highly professional, accurate and dedicated with a remarkable respect to people you deal with.”

Dr. Kamel Mohanna – President – AMEL Association International

“Hats off! Your dedication to work and the way you deal with authors, writers, and staff are admirable.”

Nicolas Zayat – Pure Mathematics Expert: History, Philosophy, Education & Learning

“Dealing with Rana El Saïfy makes it hard to even think about working with any other person. Not only is she a translator, but also a bundle of feelings. Her translation of my novel gave me the impression that I was reading the original.”

Hussain Ali Lootah – Lawyer, Poet & Author – United Arab Emirates

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Important Facts about TARJAMAT

Country of Origin: Beirut, Lebanon
Idea Conception: Year 2000
Identity: 100% original, grounded in our vision and passion for our work. The choice of TARJAMAT as our name was not random. It was carefully contemplated to reflect our vision. Our identity was not conceived overnight. Every single aspect of it was meticulously shaped up based on our specialties and fundamentals. Unfortunately, our identity and concepts were, partially and/or entirely, copied by other agencies and entities who work in the same field and came after us. Therefore, any print material, website, blog, page, and account on social media that does not bear our full name, logo and website link, is simply a counterfeit. Note that our entire identity, i.e  logo, texts, visuals, designs, layout and structure, development codes and other, is protected by copyright, intellectual property and trademark laws at the Ministry of Economy.


Services are offered in, from and to the following languages:

Our services in Chinese are currently limited to the translation of specific Chinese documents only into the mentioned languages and not vice versa.

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